JavaScript is disabled. These maximise the calorie gap by providing appropriate amounts of all the nutrients that the body needs each day in a minimum number of calories. I became the person I didn't want to be (lazy, fat and directionless). I should be starting clomid next cycle , hopefully , But i decided to try Soy Iso's this month , apparently its a a lower dosage natural form of clomid. This said very low calorie diets such as this do encourage more rapid weight loss than traditional diets. So far I feel good. Read More → Most of my friends, colleagues and family believe I am stupid to be on this diet so I often feel quite unsupported and isolated. Be very careful not to have anything but formula,water, black tea and coffee and you will succeed : )On LT 20 days now and have lost just about 2 stone, My target is 14 1/2 stone, Not finding it too bad, I am fantasising about eating a nice Tuna steak, I think I'll need to get hypnotised or something. I also couldn't have hayfever tablets as they contain lactose. Or maybe you are already actively trying to conceive. I took them last night before bed. I have also looked into going on Atkins as I know this works in similar ways (ketosis). : Hi ladies! I haven't been on here in such a long time because of time I spent doing tests and stuff! The only food I ever really get drawn to is my nemesis - take away pizza, 12 inch, all meat with chips and cheese - I crave it so much yet know it is the reason I am in the state I am now.I have also tried colonic irrigation. The Man boobs (Moobs) are even starting to disappear. I also write this entry as an outlet for myself (like a diary entry). I started the diet after a holiday to New Zealand when my weight became an issue. This weekend I did a rather strenuous twenty mile walk along the northern coast of Jersey (where I live) which certainly made me huff and puff (plus ache).At the weekends, I still go out with the boys be it to bars or restaurants. Whilst I feel no massive benefit yet, and does cost £65 a go, I presume it is doing some good in making my body and maybe absorbtion / metabolic rate better.I don't generally feel hungry but the diet dominates my life. stick with it … Weight loss is a very individual thing and is based on your metabolism, starting weight and lifestyle etc. Compare Clomid vs Serophene head-to-head with other drugs for uses, ratings, cost, side effects, interactions and more. I really want to get the weight off. Yet lol! Well done on your weightloss so far your doing brilliantly xWelcome to Minimins, our friendly forum. You have inspired me so much as I am only on day 6 and starving....waiting impatiently for my stomach to shrink and feel satisfied on only 3 shakes and a couple of gallons of water a day!!!!! Wondering whether now is the right time for you to start a family? You may need a caffeine boost at first, as I used to take b12 for energy, but for the rapidity of finishing where you want to be, give it a miss.Hi Adrian, great post! yikes!!! So, I think that is all now. Havent excercised much last week, So I will do alot more this week. Clomid rated 8.0/10 vs Serophene rated 0.0/10 in overall patient satisfaction. How are you feeling so far?? I could no longer look at myself in the mirror and hated being referred to as 'big man.' If I was going for a clean inside which Lipotrim attempts to do, I thought that this would benefit too. Obviously clothes no longer fitted and shopping for those clothes became harder. To accomplish this diet I have set myself a strong structure which I feel is sustainable post lipotrim. Well done on ur loss so far.

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