Homeopathy has higher success rates and is a fast and safe procedure for any kind of treatments. Some new research has shown a connection between azoospermia and being overweight to obese. Treatments for Nonobstructive Azoospermia. One of the most difficult aspects of non obstructive azoospermia, is that while testis sperm retrieval in men with obstruction is not difficult, there is a failure to obtain sperm for ICSI in up to 50% of men with non obstructive azoospermia.Azoospermia can be classified into three major types as listed.
Depending on their existing levels, some men with nonobstructive azoospermia benefit from treatment with certain hormones, coaxing sperm back to their semen or increasing the likelihood of find sperm during extraction. In a very small percentage of men, even such foci are absent and in such men, no medicinal treatment can help.They have to go for donor sperms. The sperm must pass through the ejaculatory ducts to get from the seminal vesicles to the urethra. Chromosomal or genetic abnormalities should be evaluated because there is a relatively high incidence … I must admit that fertility issues are wide. It helps in distinguishing between obstructive and non-obstructive categories of Azoospermia. I had 2 million Sperm count from zero earlier.Success Story #2435 : Azoospermia - After 2 months of treatment, zero sperm count to 22 million.Success Story #4362 : Azoospermia - After 3 months of treatment, zero sperm count to 10 million.I am very thankful to your doctors. Even if the problem cannot be reversed, there are a number of cases in which the level of spermatogenesis is advanced enough to allow a natural conception with Welling Homeopathy treatment.
Azoospermia (commonly referred to as “no sperm count”) is a male fertility issue many men face.The condition is typically diagnosed when a patient and their partner are experiencing difficultly conceiving and seek testing and diagnosis from a fertility specialist. Azoospermia is the medical condition of a male of not having assessable level of sperm in his semen. FSH levels tend to be elevated (hypergonadotropic) as the feedback loop is interrupted. Continued Treatments and Your Fertility. Started by homeopathyonline. Hi this is relating to male infertility I have azoospermia will homeopathy treatment help to cure how many days it takes to cure completely. The treatment for obstructive azoospermia and non-obstructive azoospermia differs a lot in Homeopathy.In obstructive azoospermia, the sperm production is active and if the obstruction is cleared, the semen examination can become normal. Or he may have obstructions either at the level of the epididymis (the delicate tubular structure draining the testes) or higher up in the more muscular vas deferens. The treatment for non-obstructive azoospermia can last for 1-2 cycles and can usually see sperm count increase up to 5 to 60 million. Usually, the first test is the semen examination, which indicates zero sperm count. Many conditions listed may also cause various degrees of oligospermia … ( No Sperm Count ) [kkstarratings] Welling Homeopathy Treatment offers specially formulated Homeopathy treatment for Azoospermia. Sometime in the biopsy, even the precursors of sperm cells are also absent, calling it Sertoli cell only syndrome, where germ cells are absent in biopsy. Before a man ejaculates, the sperm must first be deposited in the urethra. But the semen examination after 6 months proved me wrong. A.K. I consulted your doctors around 9 months back. That is, are the testes simply not producing sperm or are they producing sperm but unable to deliver it in the ejaculate? If the testes are not producing sperm then we need to explore whether the problem can be reversed. In such scenarios Homeopathy treatment for obstructive azoospermia works very effectively. That was awesome, as I had always seen my reports as zero sperm count for the last 15 years.The primary question, which needs to be answered when faced with azoospermia, is whether the problem lies in the sperm production or in the delivery. It improves sperm count, motility, quantity of semen, semen viscosity, quality of sperms, erection dysfunctions. It occurs in 5% of infertile men. Treatment of azoospermia in Nigeria. In humans, azoospermia affects about 1% of the male population and may be seen in up to 20% of male infertility situations. Thanks to our advanced treatments, some men with nonobstructive azoospermia may experience the return of sperm to their semen—enough so that unassisted conception is a real possibility. This is especially true for azoospermia due to hot tubs or hot baths or testosterone supplements.If sperm are not found in the ejaculate, then there is either obstruction or blockage in the reproductive tract or sperm is not being made at levels sufficient to get into the ejaculate. Prolistem® is the next generation of azoospermia treatment from SpermHope.

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